The Magic City – 28 May 2019

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The Noise Upstairs Todmorden will feature a collective from my favourite record, coffee, book and vintage clothing shop this side of the Mississippi – The Magic City.

True to the spirit of night, they’re not totally sure about who’ll be playing, or what they’ll play. But the mood music in recent days suggests that we’ll see a trio of Rowan (Embla Quickbeam), Andy Jarvis and Holly Jarvis, who are expecting to play an unamplified percussive set.

The only certainty is that it’ll be a fantastic evening of music. Before and after their set, we’ll have our usual jams, so bring your good selves and instruments.

Across the street at House des Lowe’s Open Decks even, last month’s guest Ecka Mordecai will be spinning records (many from The Magic City), from 6 – 7 pm. It’s the official pre-party for the night, and perhaps a new tradition.

We hope to see you there! And then with us!

Golden Lion – Todmorden

From 7.30 pm


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