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The New Art Quintet – 10 August 2017

The New Art Quintet play Free-form improvisations, inspired by the music of Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Sun Ra, John Coltrane… Andy French – Tenor Saxophone Joel Stedman – Bass Clarinet, Flutes Ozzy Moysey – Double […]

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Ghost Mind – 13 July 2017

Ghost Mind consists of Jon Andriessen on guitar, kalimba and effects, Pete Robson’s horns and Stuart Wilding on percussion. All this combined with a background of found sounds gathered from around the planet. Essentially, Ghost Mind is a four-person trio, […]

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10 Year Anniversary / Luigi Marino – 8 June 2017

Next month we have OUR TENTH BIRTHDAY YEAH!! We’re preparing some special presents for those of you who turn up on Thursday 8th June (note: it is election day, and if you’ve voted Tory I won’t let you in). We’ll […]

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David Birchall / Simon Prince – 11 May 2017

This month’s special guest set comes from a brand new duo of familiar faces; Simon Prince and David Birchall. You’ll know Simon from his many appearances with Wolfscarers, and other groups. He’s a fiery tenor sax player who’s equally as […]

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Ensemble 50:50 Octet – 13 April 2017

The Octet will follow Phil Morton’s score 50:50 that is  – 50 % freeplay & 50% tacet, silence during the performance of a thirty minute piece.The content, the music, the musicians are driven by free improvisation in music. The improvisers […]

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Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble – 9 March 2017

The Lighting Ensemble is Richard Scott’s UK-based hyper-interactive free improvising group with longtime collaborators and brilliant improvisers, Phillip Marks, drums and David Birchall, guitar, with Scott playing analogue modular synthesizer. Intricate, intimate, dynamic, molecular and often explosive music. Richard Scott […]

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Lee Allatson – 9 February 2017

Lee Allatson is a drum set player from Leicestershire, UK, specialising in free improvisation. His early percussive years included classical tuition and a keen interest in 1970’s film soundtracks – all fused within the cultural melting pot of Caribbean, Asian […]

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NUStival – 28 January 2017

NUStival – a mini-festival of improvised music. Featuring selected groupings of: Mick Beck Cath Roberts Otto Willberg Ecka Mordecai Odie ji Ghast Rob Thorpe Geoff Bright Rodrigo Constanzo Anton Hunter and… A performance of John Zorn’s Cobra by the Noise […]

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Hunter/Willberg/Ward – 12 January 2017

Acoustic post-post-truth improv trio featuring Manchester legend Johnny Hunter on drums, young experimentalist Otto Willberg on double bass and triple-doubler Tom Ward on reeds and winds. Inspired by the avant-garde, improvisation, jazz, rock, noise and more, the trio’s members have […]

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Deemer – 8 December 2016

Deemer is a continuing conversation that is always inquisitive, searching and fresh. We are constantly shedding old skin, evolving and innovating. The brain-child of Merijn Royaards and Dee Byrne, Deemer started life in 2006 as a weekly improvisation/electronics session in […]

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The Noise Upstairs is an improv collective which runs a free-improv night in Manchester. The basic premise is that anyone can turn up and join in by putting their name in the hat. Names are pulled out, ensembles formed, and hearts broken.

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