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Some Some Unicorn – 12 November 2015


Some Some Unicorn Some Some Unicorn is an experiment in communal music making led by Shaun Blezard. Working on the border of composition and improvisation the collective draws together artists from the fields of improv, electronics, jazz, poetry and popular […]

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Wire Assembly – 8 October 2015

Wire Assembly

The guitar trio Wire Assembly have been resurrected/disinterred after 20 years of hibernation. John Jasnoch and Neil Carver have coerced Ian Simpson into being the Third Man. Covering an enormous range of sound from a blue tit pecking at an […]

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THF Drenching – 10 September 2015

Drenching For Noise Upstairs

THF Drenching is a dictaphone-player, vocalist and composer of musique concrète from Levenshulme, Manchester. However hedged around with anal, urethral and genital impulses, all his music is essentially oral in character, obsessive and devouring, and all of it aspires to […]

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Otto Will – 13 August – 2015


Otto is a double bassist and composer living in Manchester. He is interested in improvisation and uncovering moments and areas which might otherwise go unnoticed. Otto plays in many different ensembles and groups, and has played over Europe and the […]

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Jafrate/Hunter/Constanzo – 9 July 2015


Saxophonist Keith Jafrate, a veteran of European and North American tours, has led various bands since the late eighties, and played with a host of splendid improvisers, including Paul Hession & Martin Archer. He’s also a poet. “alternates between atonality […]

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Paul Stapleton – 11 June 2015


I’m an improviser, sound artist, inventor and writer originally from Southern California, currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I design and perform with a variety of modular metallic sound sculptures, custom made electronics, found objects and electric guitars in locations […]

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Sound Quartet – 14 May 2015

photo by Mikolaj Zajac

SQ (Sound Quartet) explores music inaccessible to contemplative composition. Devoting many hours to develop skills which circumvent learning and amplify responses to the moment. Each piece is a sortie into uncertainty along paths never followed before, with assiduous unpremeditation and susceptibility of mind […]

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David Birchall/Odie Ji Ghast/THF Drenching – 12 March 2015


David Birchall/Odie Ji Ghast/THF Drenching Three of Manchester’s finest. Anti-guitar, anguished screams and punctured dictaphones wishing they were Jazz. For this performance ONE night only the trio features pataphysical broadcast content from Odie Ji Ghast accompanied by Drenching Birchall. Debut […]

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Inclusion Principle / Joseph Kudirka – 9 April 2015


Martin Archer – electronic keyboards, laptop, saxophones, clarinets, recorders Hervé Perez – laptop, saxophones Peter Fairclough – drums and percussion IP was formed in 2006, released it’s first eponymous CD that year, and follows up with a second release ‘The […]

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Beck Hunters – 12 February 2015

Beck Hunters (by Andrew Newcombe)

Mick Beck (reeds and whistles) Anton Hunter (guitar, fx) Johnny Hunter (drums) Stopping off in Manchester on their UK tour to promote the debut album, The Hunt Is On (Discus 2014). – http://discus-music.co.uk/dis46cd.htm “Agressive when it needs to be, but comfortable […]

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The Noise Upstairs is an improv collective which runs a free-improv night in Manchester.The basic premise is that anyone can turn up and join in by putting their name in the hat. Names are pulled out, ensembles formed, and hearts broken.

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