Apropos Podcast – 11 February 2010

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Apropos Podcast

Since most of the music that really influences me (all pop music influences me) is by nature long and slow, I decided to skip all that and just go for an eclectic mix of songs I love. No thought was put into this (because then it would have been as long as I am old), it was pure reflex action, lashing at Spotify!


Ravel – Piano Concerto in G (middle movement)
Duran Duran – View to a Kill
DJ Shadow – Number Song
My Bloody Valentine – Soon
Massive Attack – Risingson
Miles Davis/Gill Evans – Gone
Autechre – LCC
Aha – The Sun Always Shines on TV
Warren G – Regulate
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Sikth – Flogging the Horses
Aphex Twin – Phenix Funk


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