Laptop Workshop – 8 October 2009

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Laptop WorkshopLaptops make great musical instruments there’s so much you can do with them. Effects, live coding, processing, sampling just some of the fun you can have with a laptop. Laptops are increasingly ubiquitous while the capabilities and instrumental performance opportunities are ever
increasing. We are offing a free laptop noise making workshop as part of the October Noise Upstairs. This will involve two workshops and then an ensemble performance at the October Noise Upstairs. All you need is a laptop, boldness and a desire to imagine something un-heard.

If you have a laptop, then you can make music.

During the course of this workshop you will go from exploring the musical possibilities of pre built applications to exploring the physical sonority of the laptop. Exploring ensemble methods of playing and collaborating the workshops will seek to facilitate further ongoing play. In preparation for the final performance we shall experimenting with the ultimate flexibility of live coding within the ChucK programming environment.

We will provide you with ideas and links to software capable of expanding you laptop into a noise machine. Suggestion of ways to listen and the kind of musical sonority available. Initially we will suggest playing techniques with existing software before exploring the opportunities of live coding to create a customizable, individual instrument. Interface wise its just what a laptop came with, ascii keyboard, track pad, mic, line in and/or webcam.

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