Helmut Lemke – 12 January 2012

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Imagine you have a plastic bottle….
You fill it with water and you hang it upside down….
You make a little hole in the cap….

and then you sit back, you wait and you listen –
drips appear – they fall – they hit

… inaudible when the water squeezes through the little hole
… imaginable when it falls
… audible when it hits

Events like this drive Helmut Lemke’s curiosity.

Since he started his journey into the world of sound more than 30 years ago, he investigated sounds that are around us, some are obvious, some are familiar, some have to be found… and he has performed and exhibited process based work responding to his investigations.

His endeavour has taken him to concert halls and outdoor markets, to Galleries and Museums and to the frozen seas off Greenland, to Function Rooms of Pubs and to International Festivals. He has presented his work all over the globe, collaborating with other Sound Artists and Musicians, with Dancers and Scientists, Visual Artists and Architects, Poets and  Archaeologists, Performance
Artists and Wildlife Rangers.

Helmut Lemke is still listening.

Click here to download the performances.

Helmut Lemke - 12 January 2012
Thursday, January 12, 2012
8:00pm - All Ages
448 Wilmslow Road
Manchester, England M20 3BW

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