Wolf Scarers – 13 January 2011

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Wolf Scarers are Simon Prince and Keith Jafrate, both playing tenor saxophones. They’ve known each other for years but have never played together until, after appearing on the same bill at Huddersfield’s Inclusive Improv last year, it occurred to Simon to suggest some duets. So they got together at Oldham Music Centre and scared the pigeons in the neighbourhood for a few Fridays, and Wolf Scarers emerged. Both Simon and Keith have played all sorts of music in the past, and you can hear this in their improvisations, that swerve from gentle meditations that almost become chamber music across to full-blown shout-ups in the true tenor tradition, via, possibly, messed-up marching band funk and deconstructed jazz strut. (No computers are harmed in the making of their music.)

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